How do I send voice messages and documents on WhatsApp on my iPhone?

Sometimes we are too tired to text type messages ,that’s the time we can send voice messages by recording our texts 

Also we can send documents easily through whatsapp,there’s  no need of email

How do I  send voice messages and documents on WhatsApp on my iPhone?

Step 1 - Open whatsapp

  • Click on the whatsapp logo to open whatsapp

  • Now click on the chat tab 

  • And open a chat by clicking on its name 

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Step 2 - Record your  voice message 

  • After u open a whatsapp chat of your choice,

  • Click on the mic button which is at the screen below on the right hand side 

  • Press and hold the button until you want to record your message 

  • Once you let go of the button ,the message stops recording

  • And the message gets sent instantly 

  • You can send multiple voice messages

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Step 3 - Cancel your voice message 

  • Till now we know ,to record your message we should press and hold the mic button

  • As u release the mic button ,the message gets sent but incase the voice message is wrong

  • You can cancel the voice message by sliding the mic button towards the left hand side 

  • Your voice message will be canceled 

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Step 4 - Sending documents 

  • To send documents , do the following 

  • Open whatsapp

  • Now click on a chat of your choice 

  • Now click on the + plus sign button on the left side of your screen 

  • Now click on documents button 

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Step 5 - Sending documents 

  • As u press on documents button , you can either select files saved on your iPhone or stored on your cloud storage like iCloud, Google Drive, Dropbox or OneDrive 

  •  WhatsApp supports all file types with a size limit of 100 MB. 

  • The file types you can send include .xls, .ppt, .doc, .pdf, .mp4 and .mp3 

  •   You can send any text files, audio files, video files and application files too

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Congrats !

you are slowly slowly learning whatsapp easily 

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