How do I forward messages on WhatsApp on my Jio Phone ?

It's one of the most used feature of whatsapp

We usually forward messages To send jokes to each other 

How do I forward  messages on WhatsApp on my Jio Phone ?

Step 1 Open whatsapp 

  • Click on whatsapp logo and open whatsapp 

  • Now click on the chats tab 

  • And open a chat of your choice 

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Step 2  Select the message 

  • You can select the message 

  • By going on the message through your arrow keys

  • Go to message, a box will appear around the message 

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Step 3  Selecting the forward button 

  • Once you select the message 

  • Go click on the options button 

  • Options button is on the right side of the screen 

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Step 4   forwarding message 

  • After clicking on the options button 

  • Click on forward button

  • You can forward messages upto 5 people in India 

  • And outside India upto 20 people 

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Step 5  selection of contacts 

  • When you press the forward button, 

  • Your contact list opens up 

  • You can select contacts 

  • And then press done 

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