How do I reply to and forward messages on WhatsApp on my iPhone?

Sending a reply makes it easier for the receiver to understand what message are you referring too and texting back 

And forwarding messages is the most used feature by us as we tend to send jokes and messages from one person to another 

How do I reply to and forward messages on WhatsApp on my iPhone?

Step 1 - Open whatsapp 

  • Install whatsapp through the app store 

  • Once you've installed the app 

  • Now click on the whatsapp icon 

  • And open the app

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Step 2 Select a message 

  • To forward a message, 

  • Press and hold a  message you want to forward. 

  • The forwarded message can be a picture, video, document, audio or text message 

  • As u press and hold the message, it gets selected 

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Step 3 Forward button 

  • After selecting the text a menu pops up 

  • In that menu click on the forward button 

  • Now your contact list opens up to select the contacts you want to forward your message 

  • You can forward messages upto 5 people in India 

  • And out of India you can send at most 20 people the message at the same time 

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Step 4 To reply to a text 

  • Open whatsapp 

  • Click on the chat of your choice 

  • Now the message you want reply, press and hold the message 

  • Now a menu pops up 

  • Click on the Reply button 

  • Type your reply 

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Step 5 Replying to a message shortcut 

  • It would be too long to reply to the message using the above method 

  • You can reply to the message by using a shortcut 

  • Go on the message you want to reply 

  • Now hold the message and quickly swipe the message towards left 

  • That's it, type your in the reply column 

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