How do I send my location on WhatsApp on my Jio Phone ?

One of the most useful items you can share via whatsapp is location of the place where you are currently 

It's easy to use and very helpful to find places

How do I send my location on WhatsApp on my Jio Phone ?

Step 1 Open whatsapp 

  • Click on whatsapp logo

  •  and open whatsapp  

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Step 2  opening message 

  • You can select the chat of your choice 

  • By going clicking on the contact name 

  • Go to search bar at the top of the screen 

  • And search for the Contact name 

  • Now open that chat

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Step 3  Selecting the location button 

  • After opening the chat 

  • Go click on the more button 

  • More button is on the left side of the screen 

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Step 4   sending location 

  • Now click on send location  button 

  • There are 3 types of location that you can send. 

  • Current location, live location, and landmark location

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Step 5 types of location

  • Current location - The place you are currently, you can send that location only 

  • For eg - I am sitting in the hotel so I send the current location of the hotel to my friend 

  • Live location -  you can see the movement from current location to a specific selected time. Time can be from 15mins to 1hr

  • For eg -   My friend can send his live location to me,suppose he selects for 15 mins I can his location then I can see all his movements in the map for 15 mins 

  • Landmark location -  you can Send nearby landmark location to your friends and family 

  • Select the type of location you want to send by clicking on it 

  • There you go, your location is sent 

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Congrats you're becoming an expert! 

Sending Location is easy, isn't it? 

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