How do I send voice messages on WhatsApp on my Jio Phone ?

Sometimes we are too tired to text type messages ,that’s the time we can send voice messages by recording our texts 

Also we can send documents easily through whatsapp,there’s  no need of email

How do I send voice messages on WhatsApp on my Jio Phone ?

Step 1 - Open whatsapp

  • Click on the whatsapp logo to open whatsapp

  • Now click on the chat tab 

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Step 2 Search for the desired contact 

  • To search for a contact, 

  • Click on the top part of the screen where a search bar appears 

  • Now type the name of the friend 

  • Once the name appears, click on the name 

  • And the chat opens up 

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Step 3 sending voice message 

  • After u open a whatsapp chat of your choice,

  • Click on the voice button which is at the center of the screen 

  • Press and hold the button until you want to record your message 

  • Once you let go of the button ,the message stops recording

  • And the message gets sent instantly 

  • You can send multiple voice messages

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Step 4 downloading the voice message 

  • Once you receive the voice message, u need to download it to listen to it 

  • Most of the time, the voice  messages are on auto download 

  • So the messages get downloaded on its own instantly as u get them 

  • Incase it is not on auto download, 

  • U can download the message by clicking on the message 

  • It gets downloaded

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Step 5 Listening to your downloaded voice messages

  • As you listen to any other song or audio, the same way you can listen to the voice message 

  • It can be done just by pressing on the voice message

  • As you press on message, the message plays

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Congrats !

you are slowly slowly learning whatsapp easily 

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