How do i send contacts on WhatsApp on my Android smartphone ?

One of the most useful items you can share via whatsapp is contact information 

If the contact is stored in your phone book it can directly be sent through chat 

Whatsapp also gives the receiver the shortcut to immediately text and save the contact information in their phone 

How do i send contacts on WhatsApp on my Android smartphone ?

Step 1 Open whatsapp 

  • Click on whatsapp logo and open whatsapp 

  • Now click on the chats tab 

  • And open a chat of your choice 

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Step 2 sending contacts 

  • Once you've opened the chat, 

  • Click on the 📎 paperclip button, which is on the chat box (white space where we type our message) 

  • Now click on the contacts button 

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Step 3 Sending contacts 

  • As you click on the contacts button your phone book opens 

  • Phone book opens so that you can select the people you want to send the contact information 

  • Now select the contacts you want 

  • And press done on the top right corner 

  • Your contact information will be sent 

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Step 4 Adding  contacts 

  • If you ever received a contact on whatsapp, there are two options along with it 

  • First - to save contact 

  • Second - to message the contact 

  • If you want to message the contact instantly without saving the number you can click on the button of send message and text the contact instantly 

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Step 5 Adding contacts 

  • To add contact information of the received number 

  • Press on the save contact button 

  • Now select between new contact and existing contact 

  • Now your phone book opens where u can fill all the information and save the contact 

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It is easy to send and add contacts on whatsapp 

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