What are read receipts on WhatsApp on my iPhone?

We all know , when we send a text on whatsapp 

Next to the text we get two small ticks, which after a small interval of time turn blue 

Today we'll see all about these ticks i.e read receipts 

What are read receipts on WhatsApp on my iPhone?

Step 1 - What is read receipts? 

  • At time you send a text, u get a single tick next to your sent message indicating that the message has been sent from your end

  • When you get another tick next to the text message, it means the receiver has received the message 

  • When both the ticks turn blue, it means the message has been read by the receiver 

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Step 2- Checking the time of delivered text message 

  • On your iPhone, click on whatsapp app

  • Then click on a chat in chat tab 

  • Now press and hold on the text 

  • Now a pop-up menu appears, click on info button

  • Now you will see the delivered message time 

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Step 3 - Checking the time of read text 

  • On iPhone, To check the time at which your message was read click on a Whatsapp 

  • Now click on the chat you want too

  • Now press and keep the message you want to see the time 

  • Now a menu appears, click on Info button 

  • Now the time at which your message was read appears 

  • If the message isn't read, it remains blank. 

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Step 4 Hiding read receipts 

  • If you don't want anyone to know what time you've read their texts, you can hide your read receipts 

  • But if you hide, you won't be able to see others read receipt too 

  • To hide read receipts on whatsapp, 

  • Click on settings button in the Whatsapp app 

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Step 5  Hiding Read receipts 

  • After clicking on the settings button, 

  • Click on the privacy button 

  • Then scroll down, at the bottom of the page there is a read receipts button 

  • Click on the button, it would turn off 

  • If you want to make it on again, click on the same button again it turns on your read receipts 

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Hope learning about whatsapp is easy for you 

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