• Vanshdeep Madan

How do I add contacts to WhatsApp on my Android smartphone ?

Its very simple. All the contacts already saved on your Android phone are automatically added to WhatsApp


To add new contacts to WhatsApp follow the steps given below.

Step 1: Open WhatsApp

Once WhatsApp has been installed on your Android smartphone find WhatsApp in your app drawer in the same way you found the Play Store.

Click on the WhatsApp icon as shown below to start the setup of WhatsApp.

Once WhatsApp is setup you will be taken to the Chats tab with all your live chats.

Step 2: Add New Contact

To add a new contact to WhatsApp you need to click on the “New Contact” button in WhatsApp as shown below.

This will take you to your smartphone’s contact app where you can save the contact information.

Once this is done you will see your new contact in your WhatsApp contact list.

You can then select the contact and start messaging with them.

Step 3: Add Contact Information

The top of your Contacts menu next to an icon that resembles a person. Doing so will take you to the new contact creation page.

If asked to select an app, tap the Contacts app and tap Always

If you have multiple Google accounts on your phone, select the one you want to add a contact to.

On the contact creation page add the mobile number of your contact with which his / her WhatsApp has been linked to.

Step 4 : Message New Contact

Once you have added a new contact on WhatsApp you can message them by clicking the green message button to the bottom right of the Chats screen.

Here you can either search for the contact by clicking on the magnifying glass button to the top of the screen or by scrolling on the same page and finding the contact in the list of WhatsApp contacts.


You just added and messaged your new contact on WhatsApp on your Android smartphone.

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