• Vanshdeep Madan

How do I send Messages, Photos, and Videos with WhatsApp on Jio Phone?

Sending a WhatsApp message is easy to do.

Lets see how this is done .

Sending Text Messages and Voice Notes

On your Jio Phone you click the WhatsApp logo to enter into the app.

Here click on the contact you would like to message and type the message you want to send .

Use your Jio Phone keypad to type your message. Press the "Send" button when you are done typing your message

To send a voice note instead of sending a text messages you can click the microphone button on your Jio Phone

Apart from sending messages you can also send photos and videos via WhatsApp on Android smartphone.

Lets find out how we can do that.

Sending Photos and Videos on WhatsApp on Jio Phone

To send a photo on your Jio Phone click on "More" to the left of the screen and select "Send Picture" to select a photo from your gallery

To send a video from your Jio Phone click on the"More" button to the left of your screen.

Select the "Send Video" option.

This opens your phone gallery from where you select the video you want to share with your contacts.

Voila! You have learnt how to send messages, photos, and videos on WhatsApp with your Jio Phone !

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