WhatsApp Tips for Android

Sending a reply makes it easier for the receiver to understand what message are you referring too and texting back 

And forwarding messages is the most used feature by us as we tend to send jokes and messages from one person to another 

How do I Reply and Forward messages in WHATSAPP on an android?

Sometimes words are not enough to express what we feel, and we that's why we use emoji, gifs, and stickers to express our feelings through them 

How do i send emoji stickers and gifs in whatsapp on a android phone ?

Sometimes we are too tired to text type messages ,that’s the time we can send voice messages by recording our texts 

Also we can send documents easily through whatsapp,there’s  no need of email

How do I send voice messages and documents on Whatsapp on Android?

Have your friends been bothering you to download WhatsApp but all the apps and features on your new Android phones are just too overwhelming?!

No need to worry we are here to help.

How do I install WhatsApp on my Android smartphone?

One of the most useful items is delete button it helps us to avoid mistakes and misunderstandings

How do I delete message on whatsapp in a android phone ?

One of the most useful items you can share via whatsapp is contact information 

If the contact is stored in your phone book it can directly be sent through chat 

Whatsapp also gives the receiver the shortcut to immediately text and save the contact information in their phone 

How do i send contacts on whatsapp in a android phone ?

Sending a WhatsApp message is easy to do.


You can send photos and videos along with text messages to all your friends!


Lets see how this is done .

How do I send Messages, Photos, and Videos with WhatsApp on Android?

One of the most useful items you can share via whatsapp is location of the place where you are currently 

It's easy to use and very helpful to find places

How do I send location on whatsapp in a android phone ?

We all know , when we send a text on whatsapp 

Next to the text we get two small ticks, which after a small interval of time turn blue 

Today we'll see all about these ticks i.e read receipts 

What are read receipts on whatsapp in android?

Its very simple. All the contacts already saved on your Android phone are automatically added to WhatsApp


To add new contacts to WhatsApp follow the steps given below

How do I add contacts to WhatsApp on my Android smartphone ?